Premium pest solutions for both business and residential properties.

The Pesky Pest Control Difference

Unlike Any Other Provider

We pride ourselves on being a company with unmatched services and flexibility, and being the best company in McKinney, Plano, and surrounding areas. Here are just a few things that set us apart:

In-depth First Treatment Inspection

We provide a complimentary full home inspection on our first visit, regardless of the service. We assess your current and potential future needs to identify any areas to provide preventative care, and advise you accordingly. This is to help inform any potential risks, but also to hopefully save you for extermination services in the future due to larger scale infestations.

We check your entire yard. We check your home, inside and out. We check under the eaves for spiders and wasps.

Any pest you can think of, we inspect your home for it!

Multi-Visit Initial Treatment

One month after your first treatment, we return to start your regular treatment program. This extra visit means any newly hatched pests will be eliminated, getting control of any level of infestation as quickly as possible.

Followup Inspections on with Every Visit

Every time we come to treat your house, we provide an additional inspection to make sure your house is always in good hands. If you have specific concerns about your home you’d like us to address, we are always available to meet those requests!

Customized Treatment Plan

We are a full-service pest control company, but that doesn’t mean you need every single service and product we offer. Just like each home in the Greater North Dallas area is different, each home or business has unique pest problems they want to address.
We continually work with you to tailor a custom treatment plan to treat all of your pest control needs.

Flexible Treatment Frequency

We provide a range of flexibiliy on how often we treat your house. We offer quarterly, Bi-Monthly (every other month), monthly, or one-time treatments. While our recommended time frame depends on the type and extent of any pest problems, we work with you to make sure every detail works for you.

Outdoor Home Treatment

Our outdoor treatment provides the most thorough protection available. We spray up to 12 feet out from the foundation, and 3 feet up the foundation from the ground, giving you a worry free pest barrier around your entire home.

Mosquito Fogging and Repellent

Our mosquito fogging service repels mosquitos so you can enjoy your yard year round! We offer these services on an ongoing or individual basis.


Rat, Mouse, and Rodent Control

 Many in the North Dallas area know the challenges of pests in the house during winter months. We offer rat and mouse extermination and protection services to keep your home free from the damage and worry that comes with an infestation.

Indoor Home Treatment

Our sprays not only take care of sugar ants, but help you control over 30 varieties of indoor pests. We spray indoors along the walls and corners, repelling and killing any roaches, spiders or other insects that may be in your home. Our insecticides also treat wasp infestations.

Termite Inspection and Prevention

We visually inspect your entire home for any signs of termite activity, in addition to the spray barrier we apply. We proactively keep you informed if any signs are discovered.

Ant, and Other Lawn Infestations

We inspect and treat your lawn for any pests you might be dealing with. We treat for a long list of common bugs, including beatles, springtails, and termites in your lawn.